Music Information Retrieval, a tutorial

16 Mar

See on Scoop.itComputational Music Analysis

George Tzanetakis provides give an overview of techniques, applications and capabilities of music information retrieval systems.

Olivier Lartillot‘s insight:

Great tutorial by George Tzanetakis about the research on computational music analysis (a discipline known as Music Information Retrieval). The tutorial includes introduction of engineering techniques commonly used in those research.


Here are the discussion topics that you will find:

Music Information Retrieval


Music Today


Music Collections


Audio Feature Extraction

Linear Systems and Sinusoids

Fourier Transform

Short Time Fourier Transform

Spectrum and Shape Descriptors

Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients

Audio Feature Extraction

Pitch Content

Pitch Detection

Time Domain


Frequency Domain

Chroma – Pitch Perception

Automatic Rhythm Description

Beat Histograms

Analysis Overview

Content-based Similarity Retrieval (or query-by-example)



Multi-tag Annotation


Polyphonic Audio-Score Alignment

Dynamic Time Warping


The MUSART system


See on


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